Dog Obedience Training,

 Is a Dog trainer  Always Necessary ?


If you are a pet owner, chances are desire to have a well-behaved pet that you happy with . One option for having a well-behaved pet is to do some formal dog obedience training with it.

People choose to have pets for various reasons,  one of the more popular reasons is for companionship. Pets are great companions, and  are very loving and affectionate, and can really bring happiness to a person’s life. Not only are pets great companions, but they can be therapeutic as well and even lower blood pressure and stress levels in some situations.
Sometimes an owner can successfully train their dog using a certain collar, without sending their pet to dog obedience training. However, with so many training collars available, it’s  difficult to determine which one is best as well as how to properly use the collar once it’s chosen.

When training your animal, it is very important to use the proper collar, if you choose to use one. There are choke collars, prong collars, shock collars as well as remote electronic collars, in addition to various other collars. Some electronic collars are not recommended, as they emit strong electric shocks to the animal, which isn’t very humane and can be painful.

One electronic collar that might be worth trying is the bark collar if you’d like to control your dog’s incessant and inappropriate barking, especially if your dog frequently barks at night and disturbs your family or your neighbors.

You can adjust the intensity of the electric shock on the bark collar according to where you are in training. You can begin with a stronger shock, but not too strong to hurt the dog. It should only be strong enough to get the dog’s attention and keep it while you’re conducting training.

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dog obedience training
Once the dog shows progress, you can slowly decrease the intensity. The benefits of using a collar when training your animal are that a collar reinforces the behavior that you’re trying to teach your dog by the tugging, pulling or the electronic sensation that is felt when controlling the collar.

How long does it take to train a dog? The truth is that it depends on the dog, and how early you start them on training.

Dog obedience training may be warranted if your dog is very mischievous and misbehaves on a regular basis, however if you train at home using the proper collar and on a regular basis, you might start to see results and sending your dog to a professional will be unnecessary.

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